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About Us

Bob is a native of the desert community of Ridgecrest, Calif. and graduated from Anderson School of Management at UCLA, after which he hired into the Ford Motor Co. in July of 1968. His supervisor, Gordon Rice, liked antiques and took him out to Schmidt's Antiques at Ypsilanti, MI (still in business!) where he bought a German box clock for $20. He had been bitten. He became active in the Orange County Chapter of NAWCC from 1972-1978 and helped with the display for the 1976 National Convention at Anaheim. In 1979 Bob held his first auction and the following year left Ford and bought a clock shop at Big Bear, Calif. After three years he traded this shop to an Englishman from Nottingham and moved to the UK where he traveled about the English countryside in his used Nissan wagon buying clocks to ship back to the US for auction. At the encouragement of Larry Morgan, he also traveled to Austria, buying Vienna regulators for the same purpose. During these ventures he made lifelong friends including Bernhardt Schmollgruber who is still an Uhrmacher in Salzburg. In 1985, Bob settled in New England, bringing auctioneering skills. Several friends aided his success, among them Chris Bailey, Curator of the American Clock and Watch Museum in Bristol, CT, now retired, and Tom Manning, a lifelong clock enthusiast, always willing to give a hand in analyzing a clock. In 2009, Daniel Horan came on board, gradually taking over the daily tasks of the business and giving Bob more time to enjoy his home in the Western US.  Bob has traveled extensively and visited clock museums and collections around the world.