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Western Horology & Research

Bob Schmitt’s Silent Auction

Affiliated with R. O. Schmitt Fine Arts in New Hampshire

Another way of buying fine antique clocks without traveling great distances.

Life Member #71 of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors.

This home page represents our Arizona internet presence.  Our semi-annual live auctions continue as always in New Hampshire.   Bob is spending increased amounts of time at his home south of Phoenix, and is gathering clocks for his first internet catalog auction, with bids place primarily via the internet, but also by phone or other means.  As always there will be plenty of photos and descriptions of both good and bad points to allow you to bid with confidence.  It is estimated that our first full auction will appear on the internet around the first of September, 2012.

Bob is always available by email at:  roschmitt@gmail.com    Additional fotos of any item are available for the asking.

The phone number is 520-350-1426