Horological Auction Preview

1 $2500 $3500 Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn, "FLORA" hanging 2-weight wall regulator in mahogany, C.1883 although the dial has been professionally repainted, and the tip to the minute hand missing, the clock is otherwise in excellent original condition and in good running order. The striking movement used in the Flora was developed for used in their premium clocks such as the Lincoln and the Garfield. Weight cords travel up from the movement over idler pulleys in the top corners of the case, and then down, through a second pulley from which the weight is suspended. Brass pendulum bob with damascene pattern. There are minor nicks and scrapes to the case commensurate with its age. Ht 38"
2 $1750 $2250 E. Howard & Co., Boston, Model 95 weight banjo timepiece in mahogany with marine theme tablets, C.1925 Overall excellent condition; there is some minor lifting on border paint in the tablets. The dial was re-done by Smallwoods around 1975; otherwise a nice original piece. Movement is mounted to an intermediate plate, similar to the Waltham design, and is proper for this model. Movement is signed. Ht 40"
3 $1500 $2000 Southern Calendar Clock Co., St. Louis, MO, "FASHION No. 4" double dial shelf calendar clock in walnut, C.1880 the case was refinished some time ago and has nice patina; the dials have been repainted. The pendulum and stick have been replaced. Overall the clock is in very clean condition, runs, strikes and the calendar trips to the next day and date. Reference material on this clock can be found in Tran Duy Ly's book titled "Calendar Clocks" (1993) pg 286; his item #677 and with a year 2000 price guide of $2500. Gilt "Fashion" glass is original, as are the 3 finials. Original black+gold label is fading but legible. Ht 32"
4 $3250 $3750 Welch, Spring and Co., Bristol Conn, "No. 5 Regulator, B. W" double dial calendar wall timepiece, in a "bonnet top" case of walnut and veneers, C.1880 This clock employs the Welch 30 day double spring time movement with club foot escapement. The bottom finial may be an old replacement; othewise clock is in very good original conditon. Top dial is xlnt & original; bottom dial with some margin flaking near numerals 23--26. Ht 40"
5 $1500 $2000 Eureka Clock Co., LTD, London, England, battery powered mantle timepiece, utilizing large balance wheel escapement, serial No. 7999, the arched top mahogany case with glass covered openings to each side front glass beveled, C.1910 (Pat 1906) the mahogany case retains original finish in fine condition. Porcelain dial is without blemish, as are glasses. Although designed in New York, the clock was manufacured by the Kutnow family in London, and about 10,000 were made in the period 1909--14. They were produced in many case styles, including wood, brass and glass domed models. They are always of the highest quality. The Kutnows thought they had hit the jackpot with this design and took out patents in at least 13 countries; Time and slow acceptance proved they had wasted their money. Still, the heavy and robust design of extant examples has endured and almost anyone with a battery clock collection is likely to have at least one example. A good history of the company can be found in "150 Years of Electric Horology", 1992, by the Midwest Electric Horology Group of Nawcc. Will run on 2 "D" cells as shown. Ht 12.5"
6 $900 $1200 Ansonia Clock Co., New York "FISHER" swing clock, now with a "ball" style arm, C.1895 the statue is in good condition with most of original brassy finish intact. The ball has been refinished to cobalt blue. The hands are replacements. Note two bases have been added together to from a base for the fisher, as this ball arm is longer than the orignial. Ht.24"